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Rob and Barb

I like YOUR people. 

I’m always open to talking with your kids, accountant, or attorney (at no cost).


Eagle Lions Club President, coach, Red Cross blood donor, green thumb, book collector, & outdoor enthusiast.

When will I retire?

I’m aiming for 2055 (age 75). 

I love who I serve and what I do.

I want you to enjoy your money.

Ask me about my 65-75 rule.

Rob Gerichs



I’m a native Idahoan.

I live in Eagle with my amazing family.  I’m not going anywhere.

I make house calls.

Don’t drive anymore?  Don’t worry.  I enjoy visiting you at home.

What’s my background? 

I’ve been a Corporate Accountant, and a Private Wealth Trust Officer.  I became a Financial Advisor in 2011.  Please review my

FINRA BrokerCheck.

How tall am I? 

I get this question daily.  I’m 6’9” and slowly shrinking.

I’m here for you. 

Need to update a beneficiary,

get some money, or just chat? 

Call me.

I’ve been here awhile. 

I came into the industry in 2007.  Rob and I have been working together since 2012.


We truly do tailor our services to fit you.

Barbara Kolsky



I’m an east coast girl. 

I’m from New Jersey and now live in Eagle with my family and a gaggle of four legged friends.

Who answers the phone?  

I do.  No 1-800 numbers, prompts, or waiting on hold.  You’ll always get me.

I’ll get you on the calendar. 

Need to meet at 6:00 AM or 8:00 PM?  We have time for you, even outside of normal business hours.

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